Outside Courses

Students satisfy most linguistics requirements through regular Linguistics courses offered by the department. It is possible to satisfy requirements by other means, including:

  • courses offered by other UCSC departments
  • courses offered at other universities
  • courses taken while studying abroad
  • independent study courses

You should keep in mind the following restrictions, which apply to these outside courses:

  1. At most three outside courses can count toward the major, and two toward the minor.
  2. At most one independent study course (Linguistics 199) and two thesis research courses (Linguistics 195) can count toward the major or minor. (Only Linguistics 199 is relevant to the minor.) Keep in mind that independent study courses fall under rule (1) above also.
  3. Outside courses are normally used to satisfy elective requirements. Proposals to satisfy some named courses (e.g., Linguistics 101, 111, or 112) will be considered only under exceptional circumstances.
  4. There is a list of pre-approved outside courses available in the Course Substitution Policy section of the Linguistics catalog statement. The approved outside courses for the current quarter can be found here:
    Any other outside courses, including those taken abroad, are approved on a case-by-case basis. If you want to propose that a course be counted, provide the course information to the Undergraduate Advisor.