Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Linguistics sponsors two undergraduate majors, linguistics and language studies. Both are focused and intense. The two majors are distinct in various ways, but share a common goal: to understand the nature of language.

"Before taking any linguistics courses, I was just another student floating her way through the massive research institution that is UC. Having a major that was so academically challenging and rigorous finally held me accountable and really helped me find my place at UCSC. I learned more in the small interactive classes in the linguistics major than I ever could have in a large lecture format because I was held accountable to interact with the material."

– A 2015 linguistics graduate

The linguistics major focuses on linguistic theory and the structure of language in general, while the language studies major combines the study of linguistics with the study of a particular language and its political, cultural, and historical context. Students can also minor in linguistics or language studies.

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