Applications for admission are invited from students who have completed an undergraduate linguistics major or who have demonstrated excellence in some related discipline (e.g., psychology, mathematics, computer science, language studies, anthropology, or philosophy) and have the equivalent of a minor in linguistics. Applicants should in any case have a foundation in at least one of the central theoretical fields of linguistic structure: phonology, morphology, syntax, or semantics.

Admission to the program is based on the following factors: (1) the depth and quality of the applicant's prior training in linguistics, (2) the degree of fit between the applicant's interests (as described in the statement of purpose) and the department's strengths, (3) letters of recommendation, and (4) a demonstrated ability to conduct original research. Applicants should enclose a sample of written work. The work need not be in the area of linguistics, but should ideally reveal the applicant's ability to address abstract issues and formulate and investigate precise hypotheses.

Faculty members and graduate students are happy to answer questions about their individual research interests; please see the Faculty, Graduate Students, and Contact pages. General questions about the Linguistics graduate program should be sent to the Linguistics Graduate Coordinator Logan Roberts.

For general information about the graduate application process at UCSC, go to the campus Graduate Division page. The department accepts applications to the PhD and MA programs during the regular admissions period for the UCSC campus.

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