Linguistics Research Center

LRC logoThe Linguistics Research Center (LRC) is the research arm of the Linguistics Department at UC Santa Cruz. It facilitates research in theoretical linguistics -- phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics -- which draws on a range of frameworks and methodological approaches. The LRC's mission is to enhance the environment for linguistic research at UCSC. It coordinates the Department's research efforts, is involved in the dissemination of the results of that research, and provides a venue for Department members to collaborate with other scholars at UCSC and scholars from other institutions.   

All faculty and graduate students in the Linguistics Department contribute actively to the LRC's research endeavors. The LRC Director is Adrian Brasoveanu.

An important component of the LRC is the Department's Labs. The LRC also coordinates the logistics of the Department's externally funded research projects. It provides organizational support for the many research events hosted by the Department: colloquia, small workshops, regional conferences, area-specific conferences, and the 1991 LSA Linguistics Institute. It publishes several working papers series and other print and on-line works. It maintains the LRC Library, which contains a collection of books, journals, and working papers devoted to linguistics. Finally, it hosts visiting scholars from other universities and from industry who are interested in participating actively in the Department's research life. Further information about the LRC's Research Associate Program can be found here.