Faculty Collaboration

Matthew Wagers and Sandy Chung on a research visit to Saipan

The graph below illustrates collaboration on published research among UCSC linguistics faculty. Each vertex (circle) represents a faculty member, and each edge (line) represents a case of a coauthored publication involving the two faculty members that it links. Thus there is a line between GP and WL because Geoff Pullum and Bill Ladusaw are co-authors of Phonetic Symbol Guide, and WL is linked to JM and SC because there is a joint paper by Chung, Ladusaw, and McCloskey (Natural Language Semantics 3 [1995], 239-282), and so on.

  graphic image of faculty collaboration 


JA Judith Aissen
PA Pranav Anand
AB Adrian Brasoveanu
SC Sandra Chung
DF Donka Farkas
JH Jorge Hankamer
JI Junko Ito
WL William Ladusaw
JM Jim McCloskey
GM Grant McGuire
AM Armin Mester
JP Jaye Padgett
GP Geoff Pullum
MT Maziar Toosarvandani
MW Matt Wagers

Grey circles indicate emeritus faculty.