Research Overview

Linguistics at UCSC is focused, theoretically ecumenical, and dedicated to research interaction among faculty and students. One long-standing commitment of the department is to the descriptive and theoretical import of whole-language investigation. A more recent goal has been the development of novel experimental paradigms.

The Department has a history of projects supported by funding agencies such as NSF.

Apart from the regular colloquium series, there are many less formal but active working groups, such as S-Circle, Morphology Reading Group, Prosody Interest Group, and others.

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Phonology Syntax Semantics Experimental

Research in phonetics and phonology at UCSC combines formal and experimental approaches to address a wide range of questions about linguistic representation, perception and phonology, category formation, and other topics. Learn more >>

The core goal of research by the syntax and morphology group at UCSC is a precise theory of the structure of sentences and words. We focus on core questions in syntactic and morphological theory and their interaction with other aspects of language ability: semantics, prosody, and real-time production and comprehension. Learn more >>

Common to work in semantics and pragmatics at UCSC is a formal approach to theoretically relevant problems grounded in detailed investigation of empirical data coming from a variety of languages. A thread uniting the research of the faculty and students here is attention to both semantic and pragmatic factors with particular emphasis on understanding language in context. Learn more >>

The recently expanded laboratory infrastructure in the Department of Linguistics at UCSC supports our vision for broadening the ways in which we answer questions about language and the mind. From broad-scale experiments on the web, to the creation of novel corpora, to state-of-the-art ultrasound and eye-tracking studies, researchers at UCSC now have a diverse toolkit with which to understand the mental mechanisms that enable language. Learn more >>

Research Groups

LaLoCo: Language, Logic, and Cognition Lab

LIP: Language, Identity and Perception

Language, Identity, and Variation

MRG: Morphology Reading Group

Phlunch: Phonetics/Phonology Lunch

SCEC: Santa Cruz Ellipsis Consortium

S̅-Circle: Syntax and its Interfaces

S Circle: Syntax and Semantics Circle

SPLAP: Semantics, Pragmatics, and LAnguage Philosophy

SPOT: Syntax-Prosody in Optimality Theory

S-Lab: Experimental Syntax & Language Processing lab group

WLMA: Workshop on the Languages of Meso-America

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