The recently expanded laboratory infrastructure in the Department of Linguistics at UCSC supports our vision for broadening the ways in which we answer questions about language and the mind. From broad-scale experiments on the web, to the creation of novel corpora, to state-of-the-art ultrasound and eye-tracking studies, researchers at UCSC now have a diverse toolkit with which to understand the mental mechanisms that enable language.




Recent Alumni (see allrecent)

  • David Teeple, 2009 Biconditional Prominence Correlation
  • Aaron Kaplan, 2008 Non-iterativity is an emergent property of grammar
  • Anya Lunden, 2006 Weight, final lengthening and stress: A phonetic and phonological case study of Norwegian
  • Daniel Karvonen, 2005 Word Prosody in Finnish
  • Andrew Wedel, 2004 Self-organization and Categorical Behavior in Phonology
  • Dylan Herrick, 2003 An Acoustic Analysis of Phonological Vowel Reduction in Six Varieties of Catalan
  • Nathan Sanders, 2003 Opacity and Sound Change in the Polish
  • Kazutaka Kurisu, 2001 The Phonology of Morpheme Realization
  • Adam Ussishkin, 2000 The Emergence of Fixed Prosody
  • Motoko Katayama, 1998 Optimality Theory and Japanese Loanword Phonology
  • Rachel Walker, 1998 Nasalization, Neutral Segments, and Opacity
  • Philip Spaelti, 1997 Dimensions of Variation in Multi-pattern Reduplication
  • H. Andrew Black, 1993 Constraint-Ranked Derivation: A Serial Approach to Optimization

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