Department Colloquia

Please note: Some colloquia will take place remotely, in accordance with the campus' COVID-19 policy. If you would like to be notified of the Zoom URL/Id/password for a specific event, please contact Maria ZimmerFor on-campus colloquia, please note the location listed below.

Fall 2021

Friday, October 22 @  1:20pm
Room: HUM 1 - 210
Mark Amengual, UC Santa Cruz
Title: Phonetic interactions in multilingual speech

Friday, October 29 @ 1:20pm
Room: HUM 1 - 210
Josefina Bittar Prieto, UC Santa Cruz
Title: Differential Object Marking and Middle Marking in Guaraní

Friday, November 19 @ 12:00pm via Zoom
Bridget CopleyCNRS Paris
Title: The dark side of causation: inefficacious and shadowy influences

Winter 2022

Friday, March 18 @ 1:20pm via Zoom
Mara Breen, Mt Holyoke College
Title: What is implicit prosody and what is it for?

Spring 2022

Friday, April 1 @ 1:20pm via Zoom
Maria Gouskova, NYU
Title: On the Analytical Necessity of Morpheme Structure Constraints

Friday, April 29 @ 1:20pm
Room: HUM 1 - 202
Nicole Holliday, Univ of Pennsylvania
Title: Sociophonetic Variation and Human Interaction with Digital Voice Assistants

Friday, May 6 @ 1:20pm, via Zoom
Katy Carlson, Morehead State University
Title: Accents, Boundaries, Focus, and Where They Matter Most

Friday, May 27 @ 1:00pm, Hybrid Modality
Room: Stevenson Fireside Lounge
LURC 2022
Guest Speaker: Eric Bakovic (UCSD)