Previous Colloquia: 2011- 2012

Fall 2011

Pranav Anand, Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, UC Santa Cruz
"Assessing the pragmatics of experiments: The case of scalar implicature" Abstract

Hagit Borer, Professor of Linguistics, University of Southern California
"In the Event of a Nominal" Abstract

Larry Horn, Professor of Linguistics, Yale University
"On the Contrary: Pragmatic Strengthening and Disjunctive Syllogism" Abstract

Karen Jesney, Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, USC
"The Interaction of Markedness Factors in Child Consonant Cluster Acquisition" Abstract

Winter 2012

Masaya Yoshida, Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University 
"The real-time processing of Forward and Backward Sluicing" Abstract

Matthew Gordon, Professor of Linguistics, UC Santa Barbara
"Lexical and post-lexical accentology, morphology, and weight in Muskogean: Case studies from Koasati and Chickasaw" Abstract 

Spring 2012

Gabriela Caballero, Assistant Professor, Linguistics, UC San Diego
"Stress and tone in Choguita Raramuri (Tarahumara) word prosody"  Abstract

Lisa Davidson, Associate Professor of Linguistics, New York University
"An investigation of hiatus (non-)resolution in American English" Abstract

Hotze Rullmann, Associate Professor, Linguistics, University of British Columbia
"Epistemic Modality in the Scope of Past Tense" Abstract