Research Colloquia

 2012- 2013 Speakers

October 5th
Jakub Dotlačil, Visiting Research Professor, UC Santa Cruz
"Distributivity: Its Sources and Incremental InterpretationAbstract

October 12th
Roger Levy, UC San Diego
"Probabilistic knowledge and locality in syntactic comprehension" Abstract

November 2nd
Ben Munson, University of Minnesota
"Perceived gender and fricative identification" Abstract

November 16th
Andries Coetzee, University of Michigan
"A lexical route to voicing co-occurrence restrictions: the case of Afrikaans" Abstract

November 30th
Chris Kennedy, University of Chicago 
"Incremental Theme: "Measuring out" is measuring change" Abstract

January 24th
Michael Diercks, Pomona College 
"The Great Escape: Raising out of finite clauses in Bantu languages" Abstract

January 31st
Martin Walkow, UCLA
"(Conjunct) Agreement between Syntax and PF" Abstract

February 7th
Maziar Toosarvandani, MIT
"Gapping is VP-ellipsis" Abstract

February 21st
Joseph Sabbagh, UT Arlington 
"Specificity and Objecthood in Tagalog" Abstract

April 5th
Jesse Harris, Pomona College
"Generating Alternatives on Demand" Abstract

April 12th

Karlos Arregi, University of Chicago 
"Markedness and Rule Generalization in Basque Clitic Morphology" Abstract

May 17th

Grant McGuire, UC Santa Cruz 
"Separating voice prototypicality and stereotypicality" Abstract
UCSC Institute for Humanities Research Faculty Fellow Talk

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