Research Colloquia

2013 - 2014 Speakers

October 4th
Jim McCloskey, UC Santa Cruz
"Preverbs, Phases, and Objecthood: An Irish Perspective on Some Old Problems"  Abstract

November 8th
Anna Szabolcsi, New York University
"What do quantifier particles do?"  Abstract

November 14th
Seth Yalcin, UC Berkeley
"Epistemic Modality De Re"   Abstract

January 17th
Lisa Pearl, UC Irvine
"More learnable than thou? Testing knowledge representations with realistic acquisition data"  Abstract

January 24th
Annie Gagliardi, Harvard University
"Grammar-parser tension in language acquisition: Evidence from Q'anjob'al relative clauses"  Abstract

January 31st
Kathryn Pruitt, Arizona State University
"Culminativity in Harmonic Serialism"  Abstract

March 15th
LASC: Linguistics at Santa Cruz Conference
Room: Stevenson Fireside Lounge
Guest Speaker: Ruth Kramer, Georgetown University
Topic: "A New Approach to the Morphosyntax of Gender"  Abstract

April 11th
Sun-Ah Jun, UC Los Angeles
"Prominence and phrasing in ambiguity resolution: Evidence from priming and individual differences" 

April 18th

Julie Legate, University of Pennsylvania
"Noncanonical Passives"   Abstract

May 2nd

Michela Ippolito, University of Toronto
"Negative Conditionals"    Abstract

May 9th
Jean Fox Tree, UC Santa Cruz
"Spontaneous Communication"    Abstract

May 30th
LURC: Linguistics Undergraduate Research Conference