Linguistics Minor Requirements

A minor in linguistics may be advantageous to students majoring in psychology, anthropology, computer and information sciences, and other fields, who intend to go on to graduate work or certain specializations.

Linguistics minors must complete seven 5-unit courses. Unlike the major, there is no Foreign Language/Mathematics competency requirement and no senior exit requirement. 

Coursework Requirements

The Linguistics Minor requires 7 unique courses, consisting of 2 lower-division courses (LING 50, LING 53) and 5 upper-division courses (LING 100-199).

2 Lower-Division Courses

  • LING 50 Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 53 Semantics 1

2 Named Upper-Division Courses

  • Choose two from the following level-one course options
    • LING 100 Phonetics I 
    • LING 101 Phonology I
    • LING 111 Syntactic Structures or LING 112 Syntax I
    • LING 171 Psycholinguistics I

3 Elective Upper-Division Courses

Choose three 5-unit upper-division courses offered by the Linguistics Department (not already taken as part of the named requirements above.) See Course Substitution Policy in the Information and Policies section of the UCSC General Catalog for information on substituting courses outside the department to meet this requirement. A maximum of two outside courses may be used toward the minor requirements.

Upper-division linguistics electives for the minor include any upper-division course offered by the Linguistics Department, with one exception: Students may not apply both LING 111 and LING 112 to the minor.

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