Linguistics Major in Pre-Fall 2021 Catalog

The current Coursework Requirements for Linguistics Majors will take effect in Fall 2021. Students who entered UCSC prior to that quarter may elect to follow either the current degree requirements or the degree requirements published at the time they entered UCSC. This is guaranteed by their “Catalog Rights”, and more information may be found at the Registrar’s website.

The Linguistics Major prior to Fall 2021 required 12 five-unit courses (2 lower-division, 10 upper-division) - just as the current major does - but the named coursework requirements were different. All other requirements remain the same (Foreign Language/Mathematics Competency, Disciplinary Communication, and Senior Exit requirement).

Pre-Fall 2021 Coursework Requirements

Two lower-division courses

  • LING 50 Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 53 Semantics 1

Five named upper-division courses

  • LING 101, Phonology 1
  • LING 102, Phonology 2
  • LING 112, Syntax 1 or LING 111, Syntactic Structures
  • LING 113, Syntax 2
  • LING 116, Semantics 2

Five elective upper-division courses in linguistics

Choose five 5-unit upper-division courses offered by the Linguistics Department (not already taken as part of the named requirements above). LING 111 and LING 112 may not be used as electives. Students may petition the department to have elective courses offered through other institutions or other UC programs applied toward the major requirements. At most three such courses can be applied toward the major. These courses must be upper-division and clearly fit into a coherent program of study in linguistics. The master list of approved outside courses offered at UCSC is available in the UCSC General Catalog, under Course Substitution Policy.