Syntax & Semantics at Santa Cruz (SASC)

Syntax & Semantics at Santa Cruz (SASC) publishes working papers by students, faculty, and visitors in the Department of Linguistics on syntax, semantics, and allied fields. Originally founded in 1992 as Syntax at Santa Cruz, the series was restarted in 2020 with Volume IV. A new volume is planned for each subsequent year.

All volumes are available for free online on UC's eScholarship platform. Print copies can also be purchased at cost (via the links below). Any questions about the series can be directed to the editors by email at:

Cover of SASC Volume 1

Volume I (1992)  

Edited by H. Andrew Black & James McCloskey



Cover of SASC Volume 2

Volume II (1993)  

Edited by Geoffrey K. Pullum & Eric Potsdam



Cover of SASC Volume 3

Volume III (2001)  

Edited by Séamas Mac Bhloscaidh



Cover of SASC Volume 4

Volume IV (2020)  

Edited by Andrew A. Hedding & Morwenna Hoeks



Cover of SASC Volume 5

Volume V (2022)  

Edited by Lalitha Balachandran & John Duff