The Tanya Honig Graduate Development Fund

Photo of Tanya HonigTanya Honig, who retired in 2010, was the heart and soul of the Department of Linguistics at UCSC for more than twenty years, serving as Department Manager and Graduate Coordinator.

The Tanya Honig Graduate Development Fund was set up with two purposes in mind. The first was to honor Tanya, who has generously and selflessly nurtured many cohorts of MA and PhD students in Linguistics. The second is to open new research opportunities for graduate students in the Linguistics Department whose academic performance is distinguished and who, like Tanya, have contributed significantly to the Department's life and sense of community.

One concrete outcome has been the CrISP project, whose activities to date have been supported by the Honig Fund.

Other examples of things your support to this fund helps pay for: travel for research in the field or to research conferences for graduate students, graduate research support supplies and equipment.

To make a contribution to the Tanya Honig Fund online vsit the UCSC Foundation's website here.

By check:

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Thank you for supporting UCSC Linguistics.