MA Alumni


Delaney Gomez-Jackson
Thesis: Questions and Indefinites in Santiago Laxopa Zapotec

Allison Nguyen
Thesis: Unifying Embedded and Unembedded Rising Declaratives Via Strategy

Claire Miller Willahan
Thesis: How Unexpected: Exploring the Effect of Phonological Features on Perception of Sound Errors

Taijing Xiao
Thesis: On Mandarin Argument Reversal


Anelia Kudin
Thesis: Implicit Agents in Ukrainian: Evidence from Retrieval Interference in Sentence Processing


Dhyana Buckley
Thesis: The Persuasive Effects of Stylistic Variations in Restaurant Review Domain

Mansi Desai
Thesis: Polarity and Probing: Building Clauses in Gujarati

Lydia Werthen
Thesis: Interrogative Continuations: A Neglected Puzzle

Anissa Zaitsu
Thesis: Why make Sense of Silence? The Clausal Syntax of  a Reduced Why-Question


Jeff Adler
Thesis: The Nature of Conspiracy: Implications for Parallel versus Serial Derivations

Lauren McGarry
Thesis:  Pragmatic Conditions on Non-Polar Responses



Nate Clair
Thesis:  Differential Object Marking in Spoken Persian: Towards an Enriched Typology 

Ben Mericli
Thesis: Modeling Indirect Evidence

Chelsea Miller
Thesis:  Limited, Syntactic Reactivation in Noun Phrase Ellipsis



Scarlett Clothier-Goldschmidt
Thesis: The Distribution and Processing of Referential Expressions: Evidence from English and Chamorro

Clara Sherley-Appel
Thesis:  Discontinuous Affixation in the Syntax



Peter Fabian
Thesis:  Iambic-Trochaic Reversal in Cusco Quechua

Brianna Kaufman
Thesis: Learning an Unproductive Process: Turkish Emphatic Reduplication



Sara Cantor
Thesis: Ungrammatical Double-Island Sluicing as a Diagnostic of Left-Branch Positioning

Tommy Denby
Thesis: The Filtering Listener: Dispersion in exemplar theory

Ekaterina Kravtchenko
Thesis: Effects of contextual predictability on optimal subject omission in Russian 

Adam Morgan
Thesis: Bridging the gap between production and judgment of English resumptive pronouns

Matthew Ong
Thesis: Strict and Sloppy Reflexives in VP-Ellipsis

Allan Schwade
An Acoustic Investigation of the Interpretation of Russian Palatalized Consonants by American English Speakers



Taylor Bell
Thesis: The (In)visibility of Adjunction Hosts in Syntax

Kendra Buchanan
Thesis: Perspectives on Quantity-Sensitivity and Decomposed Scalar Constraints: A view from Hindi stress



Heather Mahan
Thesis: Approaching Any as a Universal Indefinite

Kevin Reschke
Thesis: POLITICAL-ADS: An annotated corpus for modeling event-level evaluativity



Angela Aiello
Thesis: A Phonetic Examination of California

Nico Feria
Thesis: Inverting as-Parentheticals

Nicholas LaCara
Thesis: Verbal Ellipsis in the Nominal Domain



Allison Day
Thesis: Nasalization of Voiced Obstruents in Japanese

Amanda Morris
Thesis: Polarity Ellipsis and Negative Stripping



Katrina Vahedi
Thesis: Participial Gapping: Evidence for Post-Syntactic Morphological Agreement

Matthew Barros
Thesis: Verbless Questions in Brazilian Portuguese

SueAnne (Gigi) Ying
Thesis: The Semantics and Pragmatics of `gauging' Questions



Tristan Davenport
Thesis: Alternations in Place & Laryngeality: Coda Conditions and Repair Strategies

Paul Jensen
Thesis: On 'Otagai'

Jessamy Norton-Ford
Thesis: Focus and Pitch Accent in English

Nicholas Reynolds
Thesis: Whatever and Free Choice: Beyond Episodicity

Paul Willis



Noah Constant
Thesis: English Rise-Fall-Rise: A study in the Semantics and Pragmatics of Intonation

Allison Largent
Thesis: A Phonological Analysis of Italian Preposizioni Articolate

Dan Roth
Thesis: Constraints on Lexicalization

Evynn Testa-Avila
Thesis: Relative Case Attraction in Ancient Greek

Ember Van Allen
Thesis: The Phonetics and Phonology of Low Vowel Lengthening in Hungarian



Marc Sciglimpaglia
Thesis: Historical Labial Weakening in Japanese

Laura Buhl
Thesis: Coreference, Bound Anaphora and Configurationality in Tagalog

Stuart La Rosa
Thesis: Cluster Simplification and sonorant alternations in Catalan

Randall Orr
Thesis: Phonetic Vowel Reduction in Danish

Adam Savel
Thesis: Free-Variation in Yiddish Hypocoristics

Alia Sperling
Thesis: The Syntax of Not-So-Free Relatives



Elena Innes
Thesis: Faithfulness in Russian Paradigms

Lindsay Jones
Thesis: Movement and Negation in Stripping Constructions

Khue Dinh Duong
Thesis: A Syntactic Account of Vietnamese Nominal Phrases Within the Framework of X-bar Theory and Linear Correspondence Axiom

Chelsea Strong
Thesis: Russian Stress Shift Within the Context of Realize Morpheme and Anti-Faithfulness

Sam Zoranovich
Thesis: The Phonotactics of Doctor Seuss's Nonsense Words



Matthew Chisholm
Thesis: Ellipsis in DP

Patrick Davidson
Thesis: Atemplatic Reduplication in Ojibwa

Andrew Dowd

Quinn Gray
Thesis: Language Transfer Effects on L2 Phonological Acquisition: L2 Perception and Production of Japanese Vowel Length Contrast

Afton Lewis
Thesis: A Minimal Syntax for Perception Verb Complements

Irena Polic
Thesis: Rethinking the Degree Phrase

Susan Wade



Suzanne Lyon



James Darrow
Thesis: Relative Clauses in Syrian Arabic: Two Reconstruction Problems

Tami Schuyler
Thesis: Wh-Movement out of the Site of VP Ellipsis

Bryndon LaFollette
Thesis: A Model of Tone Inventory Derivation

Naruemon Wannapaiboon
Thesis: Thai Relative Clauses: Evidence for (non) movement analysis



Sacha Arnold
Thesis: Existential Amount Relatives

Brian Lindsey
Thesis: Markedness and Optimality Theory in second language phonology

Jay Lloyd
Thesis: How Strict is Strict? Variation and Strict Ranking

Shira Nobles
Thesis: Possessive Dative in Hebrew: The centrality of SpecVP

Michael Roberts
Thesis: Information structure, proto-roles, and argument-inversion: an OT analysis



Emily Urban
Thesis: Influence of morphological categories on English place assimilation

Teal Bissell
Thesis: Further Evidence for Null Pronominal Variables

Davina Ramirez
Thesis: Proper names Reanalyzed: A Unified Syntactic-Semantic Analysis of Proper Names

Jason Riggle
Thesis: Relational Markedness in Bantu Vowel Harmony



Lotus Goldberg
Thesis: VP Ellipsis and Clause Structure in Modern Hebrew

Jaime Rodriguez
Thesis: Relativizing Weight to Stress: An OT Approach to Quantity Sensitivity



Jenny Almy
Thesis: Licensing Quantifiers: The W-alles Construction in German

Ken Bame
Thesis: Lexical Aspect and the English Progressive in a Generative Lexicon

Naomi Devlin
Thesis: Pronominal Anaphora and the Quantified Phrase

Peter Schult
Thesis: Suppression of the Marked and Emergence of the Unmarked: Reduplication in Attic Greek

Kathryn Zally
Thesis: Quantification at a Distance in French Subjects



Joe Eskenazi
Thesis: Bare Objects and the NP/DP Distinction

Chris Modee
Thesis: Output-Output Correspondence and Inside-Out Effects in Chamorro

Juliette Tanner
Thesis: An Examination of Word Borrowing in Japanese



Michael Bene
Thesis: A Feature Geometrical Approach to Vowel Coalescence

Lorraine Bryan
Thesis: Russian Focus Questions

Erin Duncan

Rachel Manaster
Thesis: Agr in DP (Evidence from Italian)



Mika Kizu
Thesis: Identification of NP Ellipsis in Japanese

Denis Nepveu
Thesis: Georgian and Bella Coola: Headless Syllables and Syllabic Obstruents

Selene Tsoi
Thesis: Cantonese Syllable Co-occurrence Restrictions in Optimality Theory



John Alderete
Thesis: Iteratives in Jamaican Creole

Kathleen Bedell Garcia
Thesis: Spanish Negation and the I Projection

Paula Iveland

Tobias Olney



Lucy Kuntz

Charles Wallace



David Duryea
Thesis: Issues in Thai Template Phonology: Word Chains and Word Reversal

Andrew Eatough

Drew Herman

Scarlett Robbins
Thesis: Metrical Foot Structure in Maidu



Mitzi Morris
Thesis: Swedish Nickname Formation