Jaye Padgett
  • Pronouns Him
  • Title
    • Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
  • Division Humanities Division
  • Department
    • Linguistics Department
  • Phone
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  • Website
  • Office Location
    • Stevenson College Academic Building, 253
  • Office Hours Monday 10:00 - 11:00 am or by appointment
  • Mail Stop Stevenson College
  • Mailing Address
    • Stevenson Academic Services
    • Santa Cruz CA 95064
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Phonology, Linguistics, Language and Linguistics, Russian, Speech
  • Courses Ling 80C (Language, Society and Culture), Ling 100 (Phonetics I), Ling 101 (Phonology 1), Ling 102 (Phonology 2), graduate phonology and phonetics courses

Research Interests

Phonology, phonetics, Russian, Slavic, Irish.

Biography, Education and Training

I am a professor of linguistics who works on phonology and phonetics: speech sounds in languages.

My main language interest is Russian, but my work is directed at an understanding of language in general. I also frequently work on Irish (Gaelic). My work combines formal analysis, usually within Optimality Theory, with experimental methodologies. I am particularly interested in the role of contrast and perceptual distinctiveness in phonetics and phonology.