Phlunch (Phonetics and Phonology Lunch) is an informal discussion and reading group at UCSC dedicated to new research in phonetics and phonology.


Fridays, 12:00 -1:00 p.m.


Linguistics Common Room (STEV 249)
Stevenson College

University of California, Santa Cruz
Department of Linguistics



6/9 Eric Bakovic (UCSD), fellow UC phonologist, and UCSC undergraduate alum, will be giving a talk on 'A set-theoretic typology of phonological map interaction' (joint work with Lev Blumenfeld).

5/26 Fellow UC phonetician Georgia Zellou (UC Davis) will present a talk on 'Individual differences in production and perception of coarticulatory variation.'

5/12 Jenny Bellik will present on 'Danish stod in recursive prosodic words.' (Joint work with Nick Kalivoda)

5/5 Luc Baronian (UniversitÈ du QuÈbec ‡ Chicoutimi/Stanford University) will be presenting on 'The case for Secondary Stress in Louisiana French' (Joint work with Nicolas Royer-Artuso, UniversitÈ Laval)

4/28 NazarrÈ Merchant (Eckerd College) will present a talk on 'Representing Stringency Hierarchies Using Property Analysis.'

4/21 Andrew Hedding will lead discussion on Jardine (2016): "Computationally, Tone is Different."

4/14 Maho Morimoto will present on 'Acoustics of geminated liquids in Japanese.' Abstract is below

4/7 Ingo Plag (University of Duesseldorf, Germany) will be delivering a talk on 'Beyond morpho-phonology: Phonetic detail and morphological structure.'


3/10 USC Grad Student, Peter Guekguezian, to present on 3/10 at Phlunch on "Prosodic Effects of Syntactic Cyclicity Inside the Word."

2/24 Brian Smith will be leading discussion on 'Expressing Evolution in Pokemon Names: Experimental Explorations’ by Kawahara and Kumagai 2016.

2/17 Jeff Adler will discuss Chen,Halberstam, and Yu (2016): Perceived Masculinity Predicts U.S. Supreme Court Outcomes.

2/10 Nick Van Handel will lead discussion on 'Mechanisms of interaction in speech production,' by Baese-Berk & Goldrick 2009.

2/3 Nick Kalivoda will present on 'Quantity in Old Norse and modern peninsular North Germanic,' from Kristoffersen (2011).

1/27 Steven Foley will lead discussion on 'Focus and Intonation in Georgian: Constituent Structure and Prosodic Realization,' by Skopeteas and Fery 2016.

FALL 2016

12/2 Jed Pizarro-Guevara will be presenting tomorrow, for our final Phlunch of the quarter, on (Un)doing phonology in spoken word recognition: (A pilot of) an auditory masked priming study in Dabaw Bisaya!

11/18 Kie Zuraw will be joining us to discuss her recent paper with Stephanie Shih 2016 "Phonological conditions on variable adjective and noun word order in Tagalog." 2016

11/4 Andrew Hedding will be leading discussion on Rasin & Katzir (2016): On Evaluation Methods in Optimality Theory.

10/28 Brian Smith, will be leading discussion on McPherson's 2015 'Cumulativity and ganging in the tonology of Awa suffixes.'

10/21 Maho Morimoto, will present some new research on 'The acoustics of liquid geminates.'

10/13 Grant McGuire will lead discussion on "What are the letters of speech? Testing the role of phonological specification and phonetic similarity in perceptual learning," by Mitterer, Cho, and Kim

10/7 Nick Kalivoda will be leading discussion this week on Ito & Mester 2015: The perfect prosodic word in Danish.

9/30 Jeff Adler, will lead discussion on Tilsen (2016) 'Selection and Coordination: The articulatory basis for the emergence of phonological structure.'