Graduate Research Symposium 2016 Gallery

The Symposium offers graduate students from every division the opportunity to discuss their research with colleagues on campus and with the public. Our students present their work in the form of posters, live presentations, and media demonstrations.

  • Group photo of GSR Ling Grad presenters and Sandy Chung
  • Group photo of GSR Ling Grad presenters
  • Erik Zyman
  • Chelsea, Nate C., Maho, Jed
  • Jason & guest
  • Jason & guest
  • Nate C and Maho
  • Jed, Ashley, and Chelsea
  • Erik and guest
  • Jed and guests
  • Chelsea and Nate C.
  • Anna and Erik
  • Anna and guest
  • Chelsea, Nate C., Maho and Jed
  • Poster Presentation area