M.A. Program

The MA degree involves a two-year course of study. It may be completed in one year by students who have a BA in Linguistics from UCSC and who have taken a number of the core graduate courses during their undergraduate career. For additional program details, consult the MA Program Handbook.

The degree requires completion of a minimum of nine courses (45 units) beyond whatever courses were taken at the BA level.

Reading competence in one foreign language, to be demonstrated by examination at the end of your first year.

Master's Thesis
Students in the Master’s program complete a Master’s thesis in linguistics. This thesis often grows out of a promising term paper written by the student, and is read by a committee composed of three faculty members in linguistics. Preparation for research projects should begin far in advance. In general, a good goal for those working on their MA thesis is to approach a possible thesis chair by the end of their first academic year.