About Our Labs

Research in the Labs is organized around several research groups (see the Department’s Event Calendar). Resources and other support is shared across these groups and many researchers work in more than one group. Matt Wagers and Grant McGuire serve as the Lab Coordinators.

Physically our labs comprise approximately 1200 square feet of space for testing, meeting and analysis. The main facilities are located on the 2nd floor of Stevenson College, adjacent to the Department of Linguistics faculty and administrative offices.

Perception and Recording Lab (221 Stevenson). This facility is equipped with two sound attenuating booths (40-70 dB reduction) for recording and perception experiments. For studying articulatory phenomena, we have a Terason T3000 portable high-speed ultrasound and Casio Exilim Pro high speed camera.

Eye Tracking Lab (232 Stevenson). This facility houses an Eyelink 1000 eye-tracker. This desktop-mounted equipment allows head-stabilized tracking at 1000 Hz or head-free tracking at 500 Hz. For other types of behavioral experiments, there are four testing stations equipped with millisecond-accurate keyboards.

Meeting and Analysis Room (217 Stevenson). This lab is used for meetings by the Department’s many research groups and for analysis. The space can be reserved using this online form.

In addition, the LRC makes available several portable recording kits that can be borrowed for short-term fieldwork trips. These include a Zoom H4n Handy solid-state recorder and Shure SM58-CN dynamic cardioid microphone with stand (or AKG C520 head-worn condenser microphone). These kits can be reserved using this online form.