Anand Receives Dizikes Teaching Award

June 06, 2016

Pranav and Dhyana talking with John and Ann Dizikes

(Photo by S. Gragg)

Pranav, Dean of Humanities Tyler Stovall, and Dhyana

(Photo by S. Gragg)

Pranav Anand, who is Associate Professor of Linguistics, is the 2015-16 recipient of the Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities.

Named in honor of Professor Emeritus John Dizikes, this annual award celebrates the Humanities faculty’s commitment to excellence in teaching and its transformative impact for students. It honors the work of faculty and supports students who aspire to learning and critical thinking.

Students and colleagues alike offered high praise for Pranav’s ability to inspire and engage students, and his talent for creating an inclusive learning environment that challenges and encourages all students.

In addition to receiving the Teaching Award, recipients select an undergraduate who will receive a scholarship in their name. Pranav selected Dhyana Buckley, a senior who is in the BA/MA program in Linguistics. Pranav and Dhyana were honored at the Humanities Division's Spring Awards event on May 31, 2016.

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