Festschrift for Jim McCloskey

March 10, 2018


On the Saturday of LASC, March 10, 2018, current and former students and colleagues celebrated Jim McCloskey‘s 30th anniversary at UCSC by presenting him with a collection of essays inspired by his influence. Spearheaded by Jason Merchant, Line Mikkelsen, Deniz Rudin, and Kelsey Sasaki, the papers span a wide range of languages such as Irish, Chamorro, German, and Santiago Laxopa Zapotec, as well as a wide range of topics covering syntax, ellipsis, the syntax/semantics interface, the syntax/prosody interface, and Old Irish literature. The collection also includes a dedication by Cathal Goan. Congratulations Jim!

The festschrift, “A reasonable way to proceed,” is available on escholarship here.