PhD Program Alumni

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Karen Duek
Dissertation: Sorting a complex world: an experimental study of polysemy and copredication in container and committee nominals


Nathan Arnett
Dissertation: Interference and Complexity Effects in Subject Retrieval

Karl DeVries
Analytical Linguist, Ads Human Evaluation and Experiment Design, Google, Los Angeles CA
Dissertation: Independence Friendly Dynamic Semantics: Integrating Exceptional Scope, Anaphora and their Interactions

Anna Greenwood
Program Manager, Speech Team, Google
Dissertation: An experimental investigation of phonetic naturalness

Bern Samko
Lecturer at Oakland University, Rochester, MI
Dissertation: Syntax & Information Structure: The Grammar of English Inversions


Judith Fiedler
Teacher at August Martin High School, NYC
Dissertation: Germanic It-Clefts: Structural Variation and Semantic Uniformity

Boris Harizanov
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University
Dissertation:  On the Mapping from Syntax to Morphophonology

Mark Norris
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Oklahoma
Dissertation:  A Theory of Nominal Concord

Oliver Northrup
Analytical Linguist, Google, Los Angeles CA
Dissertation:  Grounds for Commitment

Anie Thompson
Associate Linguistics Consultant, H5, San Francisco
Dissertation:  Beyond Deep and Surface: Explorations in the Typology of Anaphora


Matthew Tucker
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Oakland University, Michigan
Dissertation: Building Verbs in Maltese

Ryan Bennett
Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, UC Santa Cruz
Dissertation: Foot conditioned phonotactics and prosodic constituency

Robert Henderson
Assistant Professor, Linguistics Program, University of Arizona, Tucson
Dissertation: Ways of Pluralizing Events

Jeremy O'Brien
Analytical Linguist, Google
Dissertation: An Experimental Approach to Debuccalization and Supplementary Gestures

Scott AnderBois

Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, Brown University
Dissertation: Issues and Alternatives 

Vera Gribanova
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University
Dissertation: Composition and Locality: The morphosyntax and phonology of the Russian verbal complex

Abby Kaplan
Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Department of Linguistics, University of Utah
Dissertation: Phonology Shaped by Phonetics: The Case of Intervocalic Lenition

Jesse Saba Kirchner
Analytical Linguist, Google
Dissertation: Minimal Reduplication

Justin Nuger
Computational Linguist, Nuance
Dissertation: Architecture of the Palauan Verbal Complex

Ruth Kramer
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University
Dissertation: Definite Markers, Phi Features and Agreement: A Morphosyntactic Investigation of the Amharic DP

David Teeple
Senior Linguist Manager, Speech Morphing, Inc.
Dissertation: Biconditional Prominence Correlation

Aaron Kaplan
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Utah
Dissertation: Noniterativity is an Emergent Property of Grammar

Kyle Rawlins
Associate Professor, Cognitive Science Department, John Hopkins University
Dissertation: Concession, Conditionals, and Free Choice

Peter Alrenga
Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Dissertation: Dimensionality in the Semantics of Comparatives

Ascander Dost
Senior Software Engineer, SalesforceIQ
Dissertation: Linearization, Square Pegs, and Round Holes

James Isaacs
Senior Software Engineer, GovWizely
Dissertation: Supposition in Discourse

Florence Woo
Dissertation: Prepositional Predicates in Nuu-chah-nulth

Anya Lunden
Assistant Professor, Linguistics, William & Mary
Dissertation: Weight, final lengthening and stress: A phonetic and phonological case study of Norwegian

Emily Manetta
Associate Professor, Linguistics, University of Vermont 
Dissertation: Peripheries in Kashmiri and Hindi-Urdu

Anne Sturgeon
User Experience Designer, SAIC (Leidos)
Dissertation: The Syntax and Pragmatics of Contrastive Topic in Czech

Lynsey Wolter
Associate Professor, English, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Dissertation: That's That: The Semantics and Pragmatics of Demonstrative Noun Phrases

Daniel Karvonen
Senior Lecturer, Finnish Studies Program, University of Minnesota
Dissertation: Word Prosody in Finnish

Vera Lee-Schoenfeld
Assistant Professor, Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies, University of Georgia
Dissertation: Beyond Coherence: The Syntax of Opacity in German

Line Mikkelsen
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
Dissertation: Specifying Who: On the Structure, Meaning, and Use of Specificational Copular Clauses

Andrew Wedel
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona
Dissertation: Self-organization and Categorical Behavior in Phonology

Dylan Herrick
Associate Professor of Linguistics, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, University of Oklahoma
Dissertation: An Acoustic Analysis of Phonological Vowel Reduction in Six Varieties of Catalan

Christopher Potts
Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University
Dissertation: The Logic of Conventional Implicatures

Nathan Sanders
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto
Dissertation: Opacity and Sound Change in the Polish Lexicon

Rodrigo Gutiérrez Bravo
Professor of Linguistics at El Colegio de México
Dissertation: Structural Markedness and Syntactic Structure: A Study of Word Order and the Left Periphery in Mexican Spanish

Christine Gunlogson
Research Associate, Linguistics, University of Rochester
Dissertation: True to Form: Rising and Falling Declaratives as Questions in English

Kazutaka Kurisu
Professor, Department of English, Kobe College
Dissertation: The Phonology of Morpheme Realization

Ryan Bush
Dissertation: A Typology of Focal Categories

Adam Panter Ussishkin
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona
Dissertation: The Emergence of Fixed Prosody

Jason Merchant
Lorna P. Straus Professor of Linguistics, University of Chicago
Dissertation: The Syntax of Silence: Sluicing, Islands, and Identity in Ellipsis 

Motoko Katayama
Dissertation: Optimality Theory and Japanese Loanword Phonology

Rachel Walker
Professor of Linguistics, University of Southern California
Dissertation: Nasalization, Neutral Segments, and Opacity Effects 

Chris Kennedy
William H. Colvin Professor of Linguistics, University of Chicago
Dissertation: Projecting the Adjective: The Syntax and Semantics of Gradability and Comparison 

Philip Spaelti
Assistant Professor, Kobe Shoin Women's University
Dissertation: Dimensions of Variation in Multi-pattern Reduplication

Eric Potsdam
Professor, Linguistics Department, University of Florida
Dissertation: Syntactic Issues in the English Imperative

Brian O'Herin
International Linguistics Coordinator, SIL International
Dissertation: Case and Agreement in Abaza

Cheryl Black
SIL International
Dissertation: Quiegolani Zapotec Syntax

Theodore Fernald
Professor, Department of Linguistics, Swarthmore College
Dissertation: On the Nonuniformity of the Individual- and Stage-Level Effects

Michael Johnston
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Research Lab for Linguistics and Computation, Brandeis University
Dissertation: The Semantics of Adverbial Adjuncts

Robin Schafer
Dissertation: Nonfinite Predicate Initial Constructions in Breton

Peter Svenonius
Professor and Director of CASTL, Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Tromsø
Dissertation: Dependent Nexus: Small Clauses in English and the Scandinavian Languages

H. Andrew Black
SIL International
Dissertation: Constraint-Ranked Derivation: A Serial Approach to Optimization

Cathal Doherty
Associate Professor, Department of Theology & Religious Studies, University of San Francisco
Dissertation: Clauses Without 'That': The Case for Bare Sentential Complementation in English

Louise McNally

Professor of Linguistics, Department of Translation and Language
  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
Dissertation: An Interpretation for the English Existential Construction

Chris Barker

Professor, Department of Linguistics, and Vice Dean, College of Arts and Science, New York University
Dissertation: Possessive Descriptions

John Moore
Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of California San Diego 
Dissertation: Reduced Constructions in Spanish

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