Externally Funded Projects

Current Projects:

2015-2018 Anand, McCloskey, and Hardt, NSF "The Implicit Content of Sluicing" (project website)

2014-2017 Padgett and McGuire, NSF "Collaborative Research: An Ultrasound Investigation of Irish Palatalization(project website)

2013-2016 Walker, Anand, et al., NSF "Collaborative Research: RI: Processing Opinion Sharing Dialogue in Social Media

2013-2016 Wagers and Chung, NSF "The Real-Time Grammar of Chamorro WH-Dependencies(project website)

Past Projects since 2000:

2009-2012  Anand, IARPA "Language Evidence for Social Goals: A Linguistic Approach to Persuasion Moves in Discourse (IARPA Socio-cultural Content In Language)"

2008-2013 Chung, NSF "Collaborative Research: Chamorro (SIL Code: CHA)"

2002-2005 Chung & McCloskey, NSF "Existentials at the Interface"

1999-2003 Aissen, NSF "Optimal Typology: Syntactic Markedness Hierarchies in Optimality Theory"

Research projects supported by extramural funding agencies play an important role in linguistics, and graduate students learn first-hand about the construction of grant proposals and the management of grants in the research process. First and second-year students receive close mentorship in grant-writing through their participation in a workshop in the fall quarter which culminates in their application to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship program.