Undergraduate Research

Presenters for LURC 2014 with Professor Toosarvandani

For  Linguistics and Language Studies majors, many research projects start out as projects or papers completed in a class. Whether this is true or not, if you want to pursue research in greater depth, there are several means by which this can be done.

Independent Study Courses
Independent study courses are intended for students who have satisfied all requirements for the major and are in a position to take up some special topic not covered in the regular curriculum. Independent studies cannot be used to satisfy named requirements for the major, or to engage material that is available in a regularly taught course. Students interested in pursuing an independent study should consult with a faculty member. A special use of the independent study option is a Senior Thesis project (see under requirements for the major).

Linguistics Labs
There are a few ways that students can get involved with lab work. One way is to contact the lab managers and ask them if there is anything you can do: Grant McGuire or Jaye Padgett for the phonology lab, Matt Wagers for the syntax lab, Pranav Anand for the semantics lab, and Adrian Brasoveanu for the language, logic, and cognition lab. Another way is to talk to faculty that you would like to work with and ask them if they have anything for undergraduates to get involved with. A third way is to look at the Linguistics Labs website and see if anything interests you there, then contact faculty affiliated with it.

Undergraduate Research Funding 
The Linguistics Department has a limited amount of research funds to support outstanding research projects by undergraduates. Funding covers expenses of doing research as well as travel to conferences to present research. Funding may be capped at $300 per person, though applicants can present a larger request. Please check WHASC for advertised funding cycles.

Linguistics Undergraduate Research Conference
At the end of every spring quarter, several linguistics and language studies students present their independent research at the annual Linguistics Undergraduate Research Conference (LURC).