The Linguistics Research Center presents Representing Language: Essays in Honor of Judith Aissen, edited by Rodrigo Guitérrez-Bravo, Line Mikkelsen, and Eric Potsdam.

This 328-page volume of essays by Judith Aissen's colleagues, students, and friends celebrates her scholarly career, the theoretical and empirical depth of her research, and her dedication as a teacher and mentor.

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The Linguistics Research Center supports and facilitates research on the phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of languages, particularly those that differ significantly from English in structure. It publishes a working-paper series, sponsors research colloquia, and hosts longer visits to the campus by international scholars. Founded in 1981, the center is housed in Stevenson College and fully integrated into the Department of Linguistics. Current research projects include the typology of noun phrases, the syntax and semantics of indefinites, the phonological structure of the lexicon, morphosyntactic markedness and typology in optimality theory, featural representations in optimality theory, and morphological parsing.